Earth Token Offers Tangible Assets of Nature On The Blockchain.

October 03 15:23 2017


Using blockchain technology based on the Ethereum platform, the environmental- sustainability group, ImpactChoice is launching Earth Token in an ICO style fund raising project that seeks to bring transparency to the traditionally opaque sector of  land preservation and wildlife reserves funding.  Presale warm up offering starts October 23, 2017. The full token launch commences, October 30 2017.

Currently, there are large government funded grants intended for research and data collection, but as it is, the data gets funneled through a chain of activities that are not clearly visible to the public, and this may be cause for mistrust between parties who are meant to be cooperative.

“Our mission has been to provide guidance and solutions that enable organizations to apply benefits derived from reductions in the consumption of natural assets and optimization of operational processes to their sustainability efforts, involving all stakeholders in their efforts.”

Leonard Harley, co-founder of CITEX, or Certificate Issuing and Tracking Exchange (CITEX) explained how the platform stores the records of tangible, actual assets that the tokens represent.

With blockchain technology maturing, we finally have the tools to make our vision a reality. A trusted, transparent platform that will allow all to participate, and the mechanism to ensure they are rewarded for their effort.”

The ImpactChoice team has taken the stance that transparency is a must and transparency has been exactly what was missing for too long.

Blockchain record-keeping solves this problem by creating an unchangeable, immutable historical ledger that will be distributed publicly.  They hope to bring the more modestly-abled out of the shadows to support the preservation of these Natural Assets. With a visible and uneditable historical record on full display, the community can actively watch their support Dollars at work.

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