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October 04 16:40 2017

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New Mexico Mold Removal is now well equipped to ensure complete eradication of molds from houses and prevent recurrence.

Albuquerque, New Mexico – October 4, 2017 – Molds develop in houses due to damp conditions caused by high humidity or in the aftermath of flooding or storm damage. Plumbing leaks and long term water intrusion also lead to the development of molds. Molds thrive due to moisture and need to be removed immediately to avoid various health problems such as headache, infections, coughing, allergies, skin irritations and even breathing problems.

Professional companies specializing in mold removal Albuquerque nm are well equipped to ensure complete eradication of molds from houses and prevent recurrence.

The Albuquerque mold removal company have expert technicians who initially make a complete assessment of the property. The areas affected by the mold spores are isolated. Many times the technicians may be required to be more intrusive in their methods such as removing carpets, moving furniture, checking ventilation ducts, opening wall cavities, etc. to determine the level of mold contamination and find sources of moisture giving rise to molds. Air and surface samples can also be taken to assess the level of mold contamination. Sources of moisture are closed off.

The technicians use advanced equipment and anti-microbial cleaners to eliminate the molds. Surfaces with deep penetration of molds may need to be removed completely. Contaminated items are also disposed of. Protective clothing is provided to the technicians to prevent accidental ingestion of spores and infections.

Anti-microbial solutions and disinfectants are used by the mold removal agencies to prevent future growth of molds. The surfaces are also dried thoroughly to eliminate moisture which can lead to recurrence of molds.

As mentioned before, surfaces with deep penetration are removed completely. Such surfaces are repaired by the companies themselves. New and non-contaminated parts are used for repairs.

Finally, the entire area is checked to ensure that the molds are completely eliminated from the surfaces. Apart from surfaces, the air is also tested for the presence of spores. The area is also tested for moisture to ensure that mold growth does not take place in the future.

New Mexico Mold Removal, a professional mold removal company Albuquerque is certified to carry out mold removal operations. The technicians are well qualified and licensed. Emergency service is usually offered by all the companies.

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New Mexico Mold Removal specialises in offering effective mold removal treatment with the help of trained professionals with experience in handling and eliminating hazardous materials, and work with the best equipment available for handling the hazards in your home.

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