The Future Is Now At Bane Haunted House

October 05 10:07 2017

LIVINGSTON, CA – 5 Oct, 2017 – Bane Haunted House and Escape Rooms are proud to present the first ever untethered virtual reality experience. We have partnered with VR experts at Rowan University to create this unique, interactive experience.

What makes the Bane Virtual Reality experience unique? Other virtual reality games require the user to be seated during their game. Bane is the first Virtual Reality game to allow users to stand up and walk around in this incredible virtual world.

Here’s the twist – you’re not alone. In the game you are trapped in a virtual horror house with a psychotic killer hell bent on making sure no one get’s out alive. You have to search your way through this virtual hell, maneuvering through obstacles while trying to find the key’s to make it out alive… And you better hurry, because you only have 10 minutes to escape this puzzle.

Bane has built four pods, 10ft x 10ft, for customers to test out these new games. Now, the first question everyone asks is “How do you not walk into walls?”

Don’t worry, we got you covered. After we built our rooms, our expert virtual reality team installed two cameras on opposite corners of the room to set the frame of the game, defining how far players can walk around. These cameras can see your headset, and as you approach the walls, an electric looking grid will pop up in the game warning you to take a step back, and will then disappear again.

This is a one of a kind addition to Bane’s currently top rated Haunted House and Escape Room experiences. Bane VR games will be available for the whole month of October for only $15, and can be purchased at the ticket booth. Bane’s opening day is Sept. 22, and will run through Oct. 31.  Bane Haunted House is located at 630 W. Mount Pleasant Ave. in Livingston.

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