Introducing Mehdi, Leech Therapist, The Best Partner to Treat Symptoms of Different Illnesses

October 05 13:25 2017

Mehdi, renowned Leech Therapist is conducting Leech Therapy Training courses in Johor Bahru and Kish Island to give you the opportunity to learn about the wonders of this amazing Therapy and become empowered to help and improve people’s lives. They treat arthritis, upper and lower back pain, neck pain, migraines, eye problems, ear and hearing problems, and thyroid problems.

Course One and Two provide the fundamental foundations for Medicinal Leech Therapy and are suitable for those who are new to Hirudotherapy as well as Therapists who are experienced and seeking more informed and comprehensive knowledge. The two courses offered by Mehdi cover step-by-step universal treatments, recognizing how to identify whose eligible, the important placement of medical leeches, after-care and so much more, including the following as detailed: The Basic Anatomy, Organs and Organ Systems, Tissues and Cell Structure, The Healthy Body, The Skin, Basic Requirements For Treatments, The Application of Dressings, Treatment Ratings Form, Patient Consent Form, Medical History Consent Form, The History of Leech Therapy, Benefits of Leech Therapy, Handling of Medical Leeches, Safety in Using Medical Leeches, Placement of Medical Leeches, Frequency of Treatments , Regulated Disposal of Used Leeches, After Care Following Therapy, Questions & Answers During Training, Understanding the Quantity of Leeches Used for Ailments, Treatments for the knee, Shoulder, Elbow, Hands, Ankle and Hip.

For people interested in studying Medical Leech Therapy and gaining a Leech Therapy Certificate, printed course material is also available for purchase and is very beneficial for those who are unable to attend Mehdi’s overseas courses. Once the course material has been received and studied at your leisure, a phone call or on-line Skype conference with Mehdi can be arranged by sending an email to [email protected] and will also be able to assist you with any questions you may have.

Information can be found at the following link:

The therapists at Life Clinic Hirudotherapy and Healing provide high quality leech therapy treatments for their clients, and with the fast growing number of people interested in learning about medical Leech Therapy, Mehdi has made the training much more accessible, allowing people to turn to a trusted source of education in this field.

For further information contact Mehdi, Leech Therapist through their website at

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