Sandbeck Farm Stands out as a leading supplier and breeder of Falabella and Shetland Ponies for Sale both in the UK and worldwide

October 05 13:35 2017

When looking for a unique or special pet, in this instance, a pony, it is vital to look into and research for trusted and reputable breeder to buy from. This is so important for both the guaranteed health of the horse and your long-term investment. Sandbeck Farm based within the Lincolnshire area and supplying Falabella and Shetland ponies for sale, offers just that.

Sandbeck Farm is a family run stud that began in 2006. They specialise in purebred Falabella horses as well as pedigree miniature and standard Shetland ponies and have become the leader in breeding quality foals. The farm consists of 60 acres of wild pasture and paddocks, perfect for all ponies and horses to have the freedom to roam and graze in the fresh Lincolnshire air.

The family headed by Darren and Louise own a carefully selected herd of horses confirmed of their pure pedigrees, ensuring Sandbeck Farm’s successful breeding program. The family originally invested in the very best bloodlines including bloodlines of world champions from the show ring. Sandbeck Farm is now seeing many of their offspring winning championships around Europe and hopes to see many more in the future.

Darren and Louise with their two children Olivia and Charlie specialize in breeding Shetland ponies and Falabella horses. They can range in height from 28 inches up to 42 inches. Sandbeck Farm’s stock includes stallions, geldings, colts, mares, fillies, and foals. Every year there is a waiting list for their new foals born each year and most find new homes within a couple of days of birth because of their reputation and popularity.

A Falabella horse is known for being the smallest horse breed in the world. They are typically considered easily trained and highly intelligent. Sandbeck Farm can provide advice and guidance for which type of pony or horse is correct for the needs and wants of each specific buyer. Many buyers require something different, from riding ponies to companions,they are such flexible loving pets with amazing temperaments.

Sandbeck Farm believes that the care and health of their ponies is paramount and they offer customers with buying help, foaling tips, needs and costs, grass management, worming and feet care. These tips and suggestions are significant as to whether a person should, in the end, own a tiny horse. The team at Sandbeck Farm want to make certain that their ponies and horses are going to caring, responsible owners.

Ultimately, whether a buyer is looking for Falabella horses for sale, or a Shetland pony for sale Sandbeck Farm produces healthy and strong ponies that everyone will enjoy and admire.

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