HiMama Releases Smart Billing for Child Care and Preschool Programs

October 06 01:13 2017
Childcare software offers new Smart Billing feature for child care administrators

5 Oct, 2017 – HiMama, a child care software company with a social purpose, enters the FinTech space with their release of a billing product designed for the specific needs of child care and preschool programs. HiMama’s Parent Billing is a supplemental option within the existing HiMama app, allowing child care directors and administrators to invoice parents within the same software used for photo updates, learning and development observations, and daily reports. 

HiMama is bringing innovation to child care administration with their Smart billing technology. Smart Billing automatically determines a child’s tuition plan amount based on their enrollment age – and seamlessly applies new tuition amounts as the child changes classrooms – from infant to toddler to preschool age. When Smart Billing is turned on, invoices are generated automatically with no extra steps from an administrator. Smart Billing can be applied to any accounting setup – monthly, weekly or bi-weekly billing can all be implemented with advantage of smart automation. 

Smart Billing is a critical component to this product release,” says Alana FromeChief Technology Officer at HiMama. “It’s not enough to just provide a way for early childhood professionals to send invoices – we need to do whatever we can to remove administrative burden, and give these professionals more time with the children at their center. Smart Billing removes all those accounting pain points – adding new pricing tiers, moving families from one plan to another, following up manually to make sure each family is billed correctly. The Smart Billing technology takes care of all of these issues.” 

HiMama is the leading technology provider in the early education sector. The social enterprise supports child care organizations in their daily operations by connecting educators with families and improving the quality of early childhood programming. 

“As a technology company, we believe that improving outcomes for children means supporting child care and preschool programs with their administrative tasks so that they can focus their attention on children’s education and development,” says Ron Spreeuwenberg, CEO of HiMama. “We’ve heard over and over again from child care and preschool administrators who want a better way to send invoices to parents and to be able to offer this capability as part of our HiMama app means we know thousands of centers will be able to take advantage of seamless invoicing right away.” 

Few competitors in the child care app market offer billing at all, and those who offer the option do not have an easy way for busy administrators to add and remove children from a tuition plan – a widely felt pain point. The automation provided by Smart Billing is a first for the early education sector.

HiMama’s new billing tool, including Smart Billing technology, is now available to HiMama customers globally for an additional monthly fee. To learn more subscribe to The Preschool Podcast or follow @HiMamaSocial on Twitter.

About HiMama:

HiMama is the leading app for early childhood professionals to communicate with parents. We believe in the power of early childhood education and are committed to improving learning outcomes for children aged zero to five. HiMama is based in Toronto, Canada.

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