Ancient Healing Methods Practiced by Master Healer Dr Pankaj Naram

October 06 05:05 2017
Dr. Naram, Master Healer, practices ancient remedies to heal the human body naturally.

NEW YORK, NY – 6 Oct, 2017 – Cancer continues to be one of the biggest challenges facing us in the 21st century. According to, in 2016 over 1,685,000 new cases of cancer were diagnosed in the United States alone. Modern medicine is making many advances in research and treating cancer, working hard to reduce side effects and save lives. One very interesting development is the amount of doctors who are now becoming more interested in complimentary medicine, such as ancient healing techniques of Dr. Pankaj Naram, that can work with modern medicine in helping to alleviate many detrimental side effects while supporing the bodies ability for good quality of life.

Dr. Dagmar Uecker a senior doctor from Germany said, “I’ve personally sat with Dr. Naram in India at his clinic and saw the results he was producing in the lives of his patients. So I followed him for years, and eventually, I invited him to Frankfurt to my clinic to help train us, and we have seen similarly remarkable results with our patients at our clinic by using his methods.”

During Dr. Pankaj Naram’s career he has helped over one million people through ancient healing techniques such as marma and using diet and ancient herbal remedies. He was given an award by the state legislature of New Jersey, presented by the former governor, Christine Todd Whitman, for helping thousands of 9-11 firefighters and other first responders. Dr. Naram has been featured for years on a daily television programs that reach over nearly 170 countries with a faithful following of millions of viewers, and has won awards for the safety and efficacy of his herbal products. 

But not everyone is open to or interested in ancient healing methods. In 2015, a U.K. broadcasting regulator fined the TV station Dr Naram was presenting on 25,000 pounds, because he had said that the ancient texts and teachings of his Siddha-Veda lineage had methods which he had seen to be effective for helping with cancer. Although he continued to be broadcast in every other country until today, the TV show Dr Naram was on was temporarily pulled from being broadcast in the U.K. The Ofcom report went on to say that there has been no research done showing that these ancient methods can help treat cancer. Some accusations have come that by promoting ancient methods, Dr. Naram is cheating people and putting them in danger. 

Marian Zakerin, an entrepreneur who has helped promote Dr Naram’s ancient methods  in the USA and Canada, came to Dr. Naram after several other attempts to help her last stage breast cancer had failed “My heart is broken that someone could call Dr. Naram a fraud,” Marian said, “when I know they are simply speaking about something they don’t know anything about. Sometimes I’ve wondered, who may be incentivized to tear him down, or who benefits financially if they can somehow discredit him?”

Zakerin explained how Dr. Naram comes from an ancient lineage called Siddha-Veda that looks at health and healing differently than the west, so he has different approaches and different solutions. She said his methods mainly help identify any imbalances and blocks in the emotional, mental, and physical systems of your body, and then how to remove the blocks and rebalance the system. 

“The results speak for themselves,” Marian proposed. “Anyone can look at my own medical reports, I’m happy to share them with anyone. He saved my life. According to the first doctors who diagnosed me, at a hospital in Westchester New York, I should be dead years ago. The fact that without any surgery or chemotherapy my tumors have reduced instead of increasing, and that I am still alive today to talk about it today, is evidence enough for me that the ancient herbal formulas and diet recommendations Dr. Naram gave me are working. And we have many other cases like mine.”

Dr. Giovanni Brincivalli, a medical doctor from Bologna University in Italy said it this way, “What if Dr. Naram’s ancient methods of healing are only simply not yet verified in the west, however they have been established in the east as effective for thousands of years? Instead of condemning these methods, shouldn’t we be wise and learn from them? For example, only in the recent few years, western medicine is now accepting the strong possibility that turmeric, one of the primary ingredients in Dr. Naram’s formulas, can help with cancer, but does that mean it wasn’t helping before? Or does it just mean we are only exploring and learning now what they have known for thousands of years?” 

Indeed, more research is being done on ancient herbal supplements for cancer, such as Turmeric (Curcumin), which is one of the primary ingredients in the formulas promoted by Dr. Naram for supporting the bodies natural ability to fight cancer. Whereas years ago there was not any research studies to support the idea that Turmeric could help with cancer, there is now a growing body of research studies that do. They are not conclusive, but promising. For exampple, the Cancer Research UK site published an article on Aug 6, 2015 sharing the promising results of new studies on tumeric in helping with cancer – – Ironically this article showing these results was published on their website only about a week and a half after the Ofcom fine and report came out saying there was no research to support the claims of Dr. Naram that these kinds of ancient remedies have been found helpful in cancer. 

Is it possible that more and more similar studies will come out regarding other ingredients in the home remedies and herbal formulas recorded in these ancient texts? Time will tell.

Dr. Giovanni continued to explain that although other ancient methods may not be tested for toxins, Dr. Naram has invested more than 3 million in research laboratories and factories that do extensive testing on safety of each formula.

Dr. Hartmut Schroeder, from Germany said, “Dr Naram is helping people with so many different ailments, and we are studying and learning from him how he does it. We have seen even people who are paralyzed are getting movement again in their limbs with his methods. Always when there is a new method not yet understood by the west there is skepticism, but in this case of Dr. Naram I have seen how truly effective his methods are, and so we are anxious to have him come often, to learn as much as we can from him, and have our patients benefit from what we are learning. That is why we were honored when he accepted the invitation to teach many of our doctors through our university in Berlin.”

Researchers from institutions in several different countries are looking at the ancient healing methods, and measuring their impact on different kinds of cancer, as well as other ailments. Although not conclusive, initial evidence is promising. A compilation of several stories that prompted these research efforts is available on YouTube:

Dr. Pankaj Naram said he first learned these methods from a 115 year old master from the Himalayas named Baba Ramdas. After an intensive training period, and being surprised by the results these ancient methods produced which his university training did not, Dr. Naram felt obligated and compelled to begin sharing them and helping people around the world. Before his passing, Baba Ramdas gave Dr. Naram the ancient texts which contained many of the ancient healing principles and formulas which have produced the results being seen today. A book about Dr. Naram, “Ancient Secrets of a Master Healer,” which documents many of these cases and methods, is due to be released early in 2017. The love of helping others has led Dr. Naram on a global trek with reported results in infertility, diabetes, arthritis, ADD/ADHD, autism, hair growth, weight loss, ED, autism, blood pressure, and many more ailments.

Dr. Naram travels the world to share the secrets of the ancient healing techniques he practices. He teaches other doctors and healers, consults privately and offers seminars on Ancient Healing Methods, their history, principles, and results. Dr. Naram has been invited by many universities and institutions to educate modern medicine practitioners on the benefits of introducing and using Ancient Healing techniques alongside modern technologies. 

About Siddha-Veda:

Siddha-Veda, an ancient treasure of natural remedies, is recognized as one of the oldest health-care systems on the planet. Siddha-Veda is promoted by several universities, wellness professionals, health-care professionals, medical doctors, and wellness institutions to work with modern medicine across the globe. Dr. Pankaj Naram, who can trace his living lineage back 2,500 years, is a practitioner of Siddha-Veda. Siddha-Veda is a natural healing system that believes in a proper diet and natural herbal formulas in order to remove blocks and rebalance the body’s natural ability to thrive – not as a quick fix, but as a safe, long-term solution. 

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