Country Garden – Xiyuan No.1 Won the “Asia’s most pure French Habitat Award”

October 09 14:43 2017
No.1 Xiyuan, Country Garden, Kunshan, China, the Purest French Human Habitat in Asia

A pure and classic French building stands by Yangcheng Lake, Suzhou, China, No.1 Xiyuan, Country Garden. Here, we seem to arrive at Versailles, France crossing half the world.

Passing Yangcheng Lake filled with eastern beauty, we step into the French palace in the East as if we travel to beautiful France from the East instantly. Every corner, from grass, woods, scenery to stones, is full of original French style. After the interview with the designer of the project, it is understood that all the styles and elements in the project originate from French ideas. The project, a residential complex of pure French style built by Country Garden in Kunshan, China, is designed according to characteristics of Palais de Versailles and Musée du Louvre with exquisite materials.

Such French beauty in the East has deeply affected us.

Refining the creation forms of Royal Court of France, such as the facade of three section, the straight lines, the dedicated carvings and the exquisite architectural techniques, No.1 Xiyuan, Country Garden integrates French romance into every detail of the architecture so that it is more exquisite, elegant and solemn with more sense of order and rituals compared with surrounding peer projects.

Through comprehensive evaluation, we awarded the project, No.1 Xiyuan, Country Garden, with the Prize for the Purest French Human Habitat in Asia as it is a work filled with pure French soul that is worthy of respect.

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