Principality Plastics Offer a New Range of Mr. P Plastic Panels

October 09 21:57 2017

This company offers an exciting and innovative range of products for Home Improvement. The business was founded in Cardiff, to supply Swish building blocks and products since 1992. It operates from 3 major places, Cardiff, Gloucester, and Swansea. By Now, Principality has grown to be a major stocker of and supplies Polypipe, Swish, and Kayflow as well as multiple other low-maintenance products for buildings. This full range of products is perhaps why DIY enthusiasts, general builders, local authorities, and prestigious contractors including Bellway Homes and Persimmon are some regular customers. Some of the products you can get from them are;

Panels used for Walls and Ceilings

The new Wall and Ceiling panels bring a highly modernistic and stylish look for any roof. This same Mr. P Range has the same effect when used on walls and produces even better results when mixed with 5mm Ranges still provided by Principality. The panels are waterproof 100%, and as a bonus, they are capable of being used for insulation in a room in which they get applied. Did we already talk of bonus? Additionally, they are very easy to mount and fix on either the wall or the ceiling. The installation of wall and ceiling panels requires the use of screws or glue, and can also be on tiles.

Hygiene Maintenance for Bathrooms

Bathroom Wall panels are no different from those of other walls and ceilings, as each of them is waterproof, a feature which is most certainly convenient for bathrooms. Not only will water not get absorbed by the panels, but also the droplets that would splash to the panels do not affect the finishes concerning the paint job, so they cannot grout or discolor. Since these panels are for bathrooms where they would be prone to exposure to germs, they are made with hygiene in mind, with a wipe cleaning the surface pretty neatly. They are mold-free, which gives them a significant advantage over the traditional timber or concrete wall finishing.

No Company can make it without good customer help. Overall, Principality Plastics warehouse is a great place that seeks to understand what a client is after and that is made possible by their customer service.

A decent housing comes with a decent price. As the firm continues offering these panels that are excellent for soundproofing and insulation, they keep on lending an ear to their customers. This action enables them to carry on with innovations in the market whereby the needs of each client gets satisfied.

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