Four Components a Wedding Planner Should Have in the Bag

October 09 22:47 2017

Without question, most wedding planners are committed professionals who serve useful roles in society. However, one can hardly argue that all of these professionals have equal value. One way to locate a fine planner is to choose a member of the Event Service Professionals Association. Beyond that, here are a few other qualities you should look for when selecting a planner for your upcoming nuptials:

1. Personality

Although wedding planners definitely take a lot of the work out of wedding preparation, you will probably spend plenty of time alongside your planner to ensure that all wedding preparations match your personal preferences. For this reason, you’ll need to make sure that your planner has the right personality. Though you can be sure that most wedding planners will be fairly polite at minimum, you don’t have to settle for this minimum standard. In fact, it is not unreasonable to insist on a planner who you can truly enjoy spending time with. Because the run-up to a wedding can be an emotional time, you’ll want to do everything you can to ease this process for yourself and all others involved. 

2. A Sense Of Style That Matches Yours

Again, you can trust that virtually every established wedding planner will have an above-average sense of style. However, you’ll want to select a planner with a sense of style that is fully complementary to your own. After all, your wedding is a momentous occasion and a major milestone in your life. The best planner for you isn’t necessarily the most famous local planner. By clicking on various weblink resources now available online, you can explore the tastes of different planners before you commit. Styckie is one example of a stylish wedding planner with professional practices. 

3. Not Prone To Upselling 

Your wedding planner should present options that are right for you and right for your budget. If a wedding planner is constantly, compulsively pushing you towards more expensive choices, this should be a big warning sign that the planner isn’t prepared to align with your best interests. When discussing your expectations for your wedding day, you shouldn’t feel as if you are under siege or overwhelmed by high-pressure sales tactics. 

4. A Strong Reputation

Every community has access to a handful of wedding planners with uniquely unblemished reputations for probity and efficiency. Though these top-tier outfits generally feature plenty of experience, they aren’t necessarily the oldest event companies in your community.

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