Beverly Hills Periodontist Justin Raanan Offering Wide Array of Dental Services

October 10 14:27 2017
Sedation Dentistry Specialist Also Specializes in Teeth Whitening and More

Beverly Hills Periodontist, Dr. Justin Raanan, DDS MMSc, has announced that he is providing a broad spectrum of professional dental services in the area.  Not only does he offer dental implants, teeth whitening and sedation dentistry, but he is now educating his patients in nutrition as well.  The oral biologist combines his expertise with patient comfort care and consultation for a well-rounded dental experience.

“I believe a smile is worth a thousand words.  I am thrilled to be offering nutritional information to my clients along with the services of the typical dental procedures of dental implants, teeth whitening and sedation dentistry,” stated the Beverly Hills native periodontist.  “Along with providing the most comfortable experience possible for dental work, I feel educating my patients on the role nutrition plays in dental health is important as well.  My passion is for my patients and I strive to help them in any way that I can.”

Dr. Justin Raanan, DDS MMSc, heads a successful periodontist practice in Beverly Hills, California.  He is an expert in state-of-the-art dentistry and practices patient comfort techniques like sedation dentistry that has earned him many rave reviews on his website and social media sites as well.  He shares his extensive nutritional and dental knowledge so patients can improve their oral health. 

A Magna Cum Laude Latin Honors graduate from the University of California in Los Angeles, Raanan acquired his Bachelor of Science degree in Anthropology Biological Science.   Then he earned his Periodontology certificate and Master of Medical Sciences in oral biology at the Harvard School of Dental Medicine. 

The dentist is heralded as a highly acclaimed researcher in the field.  He collaborated with Dr. Kevin Guze to develop a lateral window graft-less sinus lift technique that earned him the nomination for the 2015 Balint-Orban Memorial Prize by the American Academy of Periodontology.  His creative dentistry research was also recognized in 2016 by the Academy of Osseointegration for Implant Dentistry innovation. 

Dr. He regularly lectures both nationally and internationally.  He is widely praised for his innovative research and his willingness to constantly evolve in striving for painless dentistry.  The dentist is also noted for his high standards in painless dentistry and his patient care, including education for oral health and nutrition. 

The Beverly Hills Periodontist is a leader in the dental field.  He has conducted extensive research and has published numerous scientific and clinical studies.  Implant dentistry, bone regeneration and stem cell research is among his areas of specialties. 

A highly trained implant specialist, Dr. Raanan is an expert in providing customized care.  He is recognized for his specialized esthetic surgical abilities and the emphasis he places on patient comfort.  Minimally invasive techniques is a specialty field he is an expert in.  He excels in meeting the challenges of complex dentistry situations.

Nutritional evaluation is a big part of Raanan’s approach in dentistry.  He is an adamant believer that the mouth is the first point of contact within the body and that it manifests as such, good or bad.  He teaches that poor nutritional shows up in the mouth but that good nutrition does also.  He educates his patients so they can improve their health and their smile.

Tissue reconstruction, dental implants, teeth whitening and gum health are among Raanan’s many services.  He offers computerized tomography, an advance method of three-dimensional image x-ray technology.  The dentist believes that advanced technology is key to providing the best care for his patients so he keeps current with the latest available care and services to provide for them. 

Raanan is a pro at using the latest technology available such as CAD/CAM dentistry which is the computer-aided manufacturing and design of dental prostheses like bridges, implants, inlays, veneers, crown lays, crowns and so forth.  Lazar dentistry is available too.

The Beverly Hills Periodontist’s philosophy is that natural teeth should be saved whenever possible and explains to his patents that the bone and gum surrounding their teeth are the foundations to having a stable, healthy mouth.  He offers gum evaluation to access the situation and addresses areas of concern if there are any.

 Dr. Raanan’s patients have been very generous to share reviews about their pleasant experiences under the doctor’s care.  The reviews can be found on his website.  Raanan not only has a website, he is on Facebook, Instagram and Yelp as well.

To find out more about the notorious Beverly Hills Periodontist or to schedule an appointment for dental implants, teeth whitening, sedation dentistry or any of this other services, visit the Dr. Justin Raanan dentistry website.  Dr. Raanan’s office is located at 414 N Camden Dr STE. 1200, Beverly Hills, CA 90210.  He can also be reached by phone at (310) 205-5315.

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