Which sector offers best work culture in India? JobBuzz has a clue

October 10 17:59 2017
The JobBuzz Workplace Index for October 2017 identifies 10 sectors who offer a great work culture and keep their employees highly motivated.

October 10, 2017 – Research shows that if the culture of an organisation is good it helps reduce the stress of the work-at-hand. Employees of such companies look forward to going to their jobs.

Organisations that offer a great work culture have employees who have a hard time leaving them because they enjoy the workplace, job challenges, their co-workers, and the atmosphere.

The JobBuzz Workplace Index for October 2017 identifies 10 such sectors who offers a great work culture and keep employees highly motivated.

This month, Consumer Durables emerged as the best sector with the highest index value for ‘work culture’. This sector was also the ‘best sector of the month’ basis the overall index rating. It also scored well on the ‘work-life balance’ aspect.

Making an entry into the top 10, the hospitality sector was at the second position and pharmaceuticals sector ranked third on the workplace index in October 2017. The hospitality sector was also highly rated for the ‘work culture’ it offers.

“In the time when workplace stress has become a key concern for organisations, worldwide it is heartening to have industries who offer a work culture which is applauded by its employees. These sectors are going an extra mile to reach out to their employees in the time of crisis, supporting them and even extending assistance to the family members. Increasingly, employees have also started giving the organisation culture more weightage. For some, having a great work culture is more important than having a high paying job,” said Sanjay Goyal, Head of Product, Technology & Marketing, TimesJobs.

DOWNLOAD THE OCTOBER EDITION OF JOBBUZZ WORKPLACE INDEX HERE (http://jobbuzz.timesjobs.com/images/pdf/workplaceindexoct2017.pdf)

About JobBuzz Workplace Index:

The JobBuzz Workplace Index is a compilation of employee ratings from across a selection of companies varying in size, geography and industry on various critical workplace parameters. The index value has been kept at 100. The percentages are an indicator of ratings being provided by the employees on JobBuzz for their respective companies. These percentages are an indicator of happiness quotient of employees.

About JobBuzz:

JobBuzz is an information exchange platform for candidates and employers in form of reviews, ratings and company insights. JB is an open platform where they interact to influence each other.

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