New cryptocoin system protects buyer and the contactor

October 10 18:05 2017
Gig Economy Coin launches its initial offering sale

The facts are somewhat staggering. More than 53 million freelancers work in the US, about 34 percent of the national workforce. They contribute approximately $715 billion in earnings to the economy.

There are, however, some inherent problems to freelancing. Since much of this work is done remotely, the opportunities for fraud, non-payment and non-delivery of services are ever present.

Gig Economy Coin (, a UK-based financial technology company, has come up with a groundbreaking and unique solution. It’s a crypto coin called GiGeCoin, which has many advantages, including transaction safety, ease of use and low cost.

The GiGeCoin platform makes use of a decentralized financial platform that minimizes the chances for fraudulent activities, can be installed on any mobile device and can be used without acquiring any special training or knowledge. It protects both the buyer and contactor.

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In addition, the GigECoin system creates a network with a centralized booking platform that features virtual terminals and no transaction costs. Money can be exchanged immediately.

This payment system is ideal for freelancers, including:

  • Computer and IT programmers
  • Accounting and finance services
  • Customer service reps
  • Writers
  • Supply nurses
  • Tutors
  • Drivers
  • Personal fitness trainers

Gig Economy Coin launched its initial coin offering (ICO) sale of 75 million GigeCoins on Oct. 10. The sale will continue for one month.

The total cap for GiG has been set at $2.325 billion with a base price of $0.55 per coin and a starting bonus of 50 percent. This price of ETH was locked to the value of USD on the day of the launch.

Gig Economy Coin will use the proceeds of the ICO as follows:

  • 60 percent for sales and marketing to drive expansion plans
  • 30 percent for product development and maintenance
  • 10 percent customer service

Funds raised during the ICO will be held in a multi-signature wallet controlled by Gig Economy Coin. Coins allocated to the founders and team (15 percent), and investors (10 percent) will be reverse-vested for 24 months with monthly cliffs. The platform has set aside a portion of coins (8 percent) for future partnerships as well.

The block chain-based system, which allows digital information to be distributed but not copied, will be the first of its kind in implementing an online system where advance booking can be made for work as well as free online and offline pay terminals. Funds can be accessed with a debit card.

“The launch of the GigeCoin creates a cutting-edge global booking and payment platform for freelancers,” said Joseph Adewale Daramola, CEO and Founder of Gig Economy Coin. “By 2020, we aim for the GigeCoin to become the go-to digital currency for the freelance commerce sector.”

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