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October 11 13:01 2017

BALTIMORE, MD – 11 Oct, 2017 – TAB STREET LLC would like to invite you to experience its website. The site offers quick and easy access to finding food allergy free restaurant information, along with gluten free restaurants for the young and the young at heart. Created with the user experience in mind, the website works across all devices.

For most people, making a choice to eat out is sometimes just deciding what they are in the mood for, but when you have food allergies that choice becomes a lot harder. Not knowing which restaurant works with your allergy or multiple allergies or even be willing to accommodate.  Created with the food allergy user in mind, the site only lists websites that have food allergy, gluten free information available on their websites.

THE PROBLEM – eating out with food allergies.

  • Not knowing which restaurant works with your allergy or multiple allergies
  • Eating out can’t be taken for granted
  • Sometimes eating out is a necessity
  • Food allergies – Celiac Disease – food intolerances shouldn’t mean that you always need to stay local
  • Food allergies affect both the young and the old, including an unlimited amount of family and friends

THE SOLUTION – Current site USA and sites in progress for Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom.

TAB Street is a website which will be updated on a regular basis with information as it is found and the website verified to have information for food allergies and/or gluten free information.

It is a work, continuous in nature which will grow as our knowledge and resources grow.

  • Currently over 2700 listings and growing
  • Verified information at time of entry for allergy free and/or gluten free information and sometimes both
  • Geolocation up to 100 miles for travel at home or on the road – With geolocation, directions are within the site for listings and the user can choose the range
  • Only listings that have allergy free and/or gluten free information available on the website
  • Food Allergy, food intolerance, Celiac Disease resource
  • Restaurants are noticing and making change to their websites, menus, dedicating kitchen area, training their staff
  • Can search by one or multiple allergies, city, category, state and current location radius up to 100 miles or a combination thereof


The message from the founder “TAB Street is all about empowering everyone, young and old with food allergies, gluten free diet and Celiac Disease. For me, TAB Street became a need after being diagnosed later in life with multiple food and environmental allergies. It was hard to travel local or travel to a vacation destination without knowing where to eat”. To grow, and get information added quicker an INDIEGOGO PRELAUNCH campaign has been started so please join us there to get the latest information as we grow. 

TAB Street website

INDIEGOGO Prelaunch page


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