October 11 19:23 2017

Silver Gaming Company has proudly announced that they have launched a Kickstarter campaign for their all-new strategy board game titled Venture the Fog. It is a game like no other, and is designed to be a suspenseful adventure of exploration, strategy, and gambling that features epic battles. Moreover, the setup time is only 5 minutes after opening the box, allowing players to dive right into the action instead of a complicated rule book.

“At Silver Gaming Company, it is our mission to deliver high-quality games into your hands at the most competitive price possible.” Said Travis Hoglund, the Co-Founder of Silver Gaming Company while talking about this new project. “We aim to fully immerse players into this fantasy world we have carefully crafted. Venture the Fog will take RPG gaming to a whole new level.” He added.

Silver Gaming Company is comprised of gaming industry experts having more than 20 years of experience. Understanding the needs of players in today’s gaming world, they have developed a game that delivers entertainment, strategy, and gameplay that is easy to learn for anyone. The gameplay is full of deep storylines, exhilarating battles and a revolutionary loot equipment system. The game features two different variants of core and extended editions.

Venture the Fog is a RPG game that engages all audiences. The game is a blend of classical RPG gaming with modern state of the art components and custom dice. The Interactive Battle System brings players directly into the fight, where dice represent real-time actions the Hero is performing. Explore the mist, challenge monsters, and upgrade your hero, but be wary of awakening the Legendary Hydra, as his wrath can destroy all Heroes and end the game.

Silver Gaming Company is now seeking community support on Kickstarter, and their crowdfunding campaign offers several pledges promising great rewards for the gaming fans, and it is already getting a phenomenal response.



For more information and to become a part of this trendsetting new game, please support the project by making pledges and donations via the Kickstarter campaign page

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