October 11 19:31 2017

Renowned Hollywood Screenwriter, Singer, and Actress Erin Carere has proudly announced that she is raising funds and community support for her upcoming series SPA V SPIA. It is a madcap spy parody and a romantic comedy about two rival international spies who join forces only to discover secrets about their past, their future, and their hearts. With a dedicated team of professionals, the series is poised to become a blockbuster on a small budget.

“Our goal is to create a small, kind-hearted, über talented, super flexible crew to bring SvS to fruition, and we are well on our way,” said director Christopher N Rowley, while talking about the series. “One spy in this story is an Italian while the other spy is American. They have moved in next door and they are eager to put their spy days behind them in the film,” he added. According to Rowley, the spy parody is a perfect collusion of pure action, comedy, music, and drama, set in the modern day Hollywood that is both glamorous and gritty.

In addition, the script for this series is written by Erin and Carlo Carere and both will also be featured as the leading characters. Erin is a Broadway and opera singer, while Carlo was a Captain of the Italian National Police Force. With her skill of music and his capability of crime investigation, the duo has flawlessly exercised their real-life experiences in the making of this series’ script. Besides Erin and Carlo, Gretchen Landau is the Producer of this series and Karsten Hose is the cinematographer.

The major challenge faced by the screenwriters and producers of this upcoming series is to create a blockbuster feel on a small budget, but the qualified team of industry veterans is quite experienced in this regard. These industry veterans are drawn together by talent and a sense of humor, and they have excellently executed the pre-planning and communication decisions for making this series. They are now heavily relying on all the love and support they can get on this Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign, and their goal is to raise a sum of $20,000.


Supporters from around the world can become a part of this amazing project by making pledges for as low as $5. For higher pledges, the rewards are also much higher, from getting a role in the series with a guest appearance, to the reward of becoming an Executive Producer, the options for these supporters are wide open, and they can select the rewards that suit them best from the Kickstarter campaign page. More details regarding this project and each of the crew members are also available on the campaign page, and the creators are welcoming everyone to support them with as much as they can in this fundraising.

To show your support today for this project, visit the Kickstarter campaign page and back this campaign.

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Website: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/944205133/spy-v-spia-a-madcap-spy-parody-romantic-comedy