Moonly Lamps is Launching 3D Moon Lamps

October 12 17:49 2017
Luna Lamp Features Affordable Prices and Reliable Warranty

Moonly Lamps has announced the debut of their much anticipated moon lamp.  They have also made known that the luna lamps will be offered at affordable prices and will come with a reliable warranty.  The launch comes as extra good news to lovers of lunas around the world.

“Our 3D moon lamp actually looks like a real moon,” stated a Moonly Lamps representative. “With the recent solar eclipse, people all around the world have found a fascination with the moon.  Already the luna lamp is getting a lot of attention and rave reviews.  We are thrilled to introduce it to the public and are also happy to say it comes at a very affordable price and carries a great warranty as well.  The lamps make great gifts for luna lovers of all ages.”

The Moonly Lamps moon lamp is actually constructed with a NASA satellite data source reference for its realistic proportions and appearance.  Even the rough landscapes, craters and plateaus are replicated.  The luna lamp is made of environmentally-friendly, light-weight, durable polymer.

The luna lamps are warm LED lights.  They come in two tones, warm yellow and cool white.  The colors change by touch and the brightness can be changed by touch as well.  They are rechargeable using USB ports.  They do not heat up while charging.  Sizes ae from 8 centimeters to 20 centimeters in diameter.  Contents include an instruction manual, USB charging cable, moon lamp and wooden stand.

Lunas are designed for the wonder they evoke.  Moon lovers adore the lamps which is why many orders are for gifts.  The design aesthetics make the luna lamp a very popular item. 

Standard shipping to any country is completely free of charge.  Stripe is the preferred method of payment on the site.  All transactions are fully secured by 2048 bit SSL certification, the highest available for internet security.  

Price has been an issue in the past with luna lamps from other sellers.  According to a Moonly Lamps representative, that is not the case with their moon lamps.  “Since Acorn studio introduced the luna lamps, the prices were very high.  We are able to sell them for a fraction of the cost and include a great three month warranty that can be extended to twelve months.”

To find out more about Moonly Lamps moon lamps or to purchase a luna lamp for yourself or as a gift, visit the Moonly Lamps website.

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