World-Renowned Cosmetic Surgeon Now Offering Consultations

October 16 14:41 2017

Beverly Hills, CA – There used to be a negative stigma in regards to those who chose to seek cosmetic surgery. People would mischaracterize these individuals’ characters as being vain. However, that negative stigma has diminished in recent years as more individuals seek reconstructive surgery to improve their quality of life. There has been an increase in the awareness that cosmetic surgery is not just for looking more attractive, but can also be necessary for individuals who have been in accidents or were born withbirth defects such as a cleft lip. In addition to these physical defects, individuals seek cosmetic reconstructive surgery after extreme weight loss or simply to gain confidence and feel good about themselves. For those seeking reconstructive surgery of any type, they can now request a consultation with Dr. Garo Kassabian.

Dr. Garo Kassabian is a world-renowned cosmetic surgeon with board certification. He is the founder of the Lift MD Aesthetics medical spa and surgery center located in the heart of Beverly Hills. Consumers might recognize him from popular networks and shows such as the first season of Nip/Tuck, Doctor Lift as well as CBS, CNBC and Aesthetic TV.

When Garo Kassabian is not in front of the camera he is being praised by colleagues and loyal clients in regards to his work and commitment. In addition to praise, he has received international recognition for his workmanship due to his clientele around the world.

In comparison to his leading competitors, Dr. Kassabian has had over 9 years of formal training, as well as 3 fellowships. He has been ranked internationally among the top aesthetic plastic surgeons. He strives to provide his patients with natural results through Rhinoplasty, Facial Rejuvenation, Breast Augmentation and Body Contouring. He was recently honored with the Best Surgical Facial Rejuvenation at The Aesthetic Awards for his work.

There is no doubt that Dr. Garo Kassabian is the best in the business. News that he is currently accepting clients and offering consultations is sure to set off more than a few ripples in the world of cosmetic surgery. Plastic surgery has been known to increase self-confidence, and those who are hesitant about undergoing an extensive surgery, even with a world-renowned surgeon, are encouraged to discuss non-surgical options. Interested parties should hurry to request a consultation today with Dr. Garo Kassabian.

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