SanCoin will be launched on the Norway stock exchange Bitsky, which becomes more flexible in Europe

October 16 15:25 2017

SanCoin will be launched and transacted on the Norway stock exchange Bitsky on October 19th and 22nd, this is another great strategic layout in Europe after listing on Danish stock exchange Open Ledger.


Bitsky is a new type of cryptocurrency trading platform in Norway, there are four advantages. Firstly, Bitsky will support a variety of encrypted currencies; Secondly, with the new technology of trading, the mobility of the platform becomes more flexible and fast, and it is an efficient trading system; Thirdly, Bitsky will support all main legal currency; Finally, it is easy to enter the global trading market.

The listing of SanCoin on the Bitsky exchange has brought an emerging digital currency asset for the Bitsky exchange, which makes the currencies it supported gets more abundant, and also enhancing its attraction to users.

SanCoin on behalf of the using right of SanChain agreement, that can makes you better transfer values within worldwide scale, no matter individual or enterprise, both can make your transactions safer, faster, cheaper, and more secure, giving you a global efficient and fluid payment experience.

It has three competitive advantages. Firstly, it has 30 million coins totally, complete distributing only once, total limit can not be increased, effectively achieves the zero inflation of the system, and ensures its scarcity and added value. Secondly, It will be as the only legal currency of SanChain ecological scenarios application transactions in the future, and also can makes transaction with other legal currencies or withdraws other legal currencies in the trading platforms or exchanges. Thirdly, It’s more sustainable, unlike bitcoin, which requires huge external computing and energy consumption to ensure system security.

The listing of SanCoin on the Danish and Norway exchanges satisfied the urgent needs of European investors for SanCoin. The trend of using SanCoin for SanChain to achieve global payment or investment is getting more obvious. SanChain community is very pleased to have this opportunity to cooperate with the Bitsky exchange, and is honored to be selected by them to help enhance the popularity and value of the platform.

SanChain community predict that 2018 will be a critical period for digital assets. thus, SanChain community will also need to speed up the investment and layout of the European digital currency industry or block chain, making SanCoin more flexible and more valuable in Europe!

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