LEDMall launches new RGB Outdoor Laser Garden and Christmas Lights

October 16 17:16 2017

Silicon Valley tech company, LEDMall has announced the official launch of its new RGB Moving pattern Laser Lights double motor 3 themes decoration lights for all year round celebration

The new RGB Moving pattern Laser Lights double motor 3 themes is the latest innovation from LEDMall, coming with RF remote control and security kit. The Christmas lights are designed not only for the Christmas holiday season, but also for any celebration or event all through the year, with 18 moving patterns for all holiday themes from Halloween to Christmas.

The innovation is designed to help interior décor experts and homeowners, relieving them of many of the challenges that come with wanting a beautiful outdoor lighting decoration. This is so as it ensures that no more string and strips or ladders are required to have great outdoor decoration lighting for lawn, house, and special events.

Currently available for less than $160, the “plug and play” decoration lights uses cutting edge laser and holographic technologies to project thousands of pinpoints of light on the home or garden, with green, red and blue in between or single or combinations.

The moving options and speed control are additional unique features, covering over 2500 square feet instantly. The LEDMall innovation is a perfect replacement for the multiple standard landscape lights and hundreds of feet of rope lighting. The device is also particularly great for saving cost, using just a fraction of the energy consumed using incandescent landscape light.

The device also allows users to create amazing light shows within minutes, with features that include easy switch of button, moving firefly lasers, party lighting, event lights, garden lights, DJ lighting, Disco lighting, remote control with moving, as well as firefly effects.

The all-in-one one light covers all laser lights has the following features

  • Patented, 3 in 1 full year full featured Laser Christmas projector, 18 moving patterns with all holiday themes from Halloween to Christmas. Decoration for events or landscape.
  • Increased brightness and huge coverage.
  • Remote Control for movement, firefly effects, continuous moving patterns, speed control options, thousands of Green, Red and Blue Light Pinpoints
  • All color options, Single Green, Red, Blue displays, or combinations of two or three different colors of choice.
  • Moving, firefly, and patterns effects, with speed control, as well as flash or static
  • Indoor Base stage and outdoor stake extension.
  • Timer setting for 2, 4, 6 and 8 hours durations
  • Waterproof IP 67 all Deluxe Metal housing case with Polymer peripherals: IP67, PLUG and Play with 25 feet long power cord with good range flexibility

About LEDMall

LEDMall are the pioneers and technological leaders headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley, California. The company is poised with bringing laser lighting technology to the doorstep of everyone by ensuring general application purposes. LEDMall comprises of a team of dedicated designers, engineers and entrepreneurs striving to design and develop the best high end Remote Control Laser Christmas and Landscape lighting, and high quality LED General Lighting products.

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