Niche Advice gives premium recommendations for those wanting to apply for bad credit mortgage

October 16 19:13 2017
More people in the UK have become hesitant about applying for mortgages due to stricter qualifications, but this is especially true for those who have low credit scores. At Niche Advice, however, those with poor credit ratings can still confidently apply for the ideal mortgage with expert advice and recommendations.

UNITED KINGDOM, 2017 – When it comes to applying for a mortgage, everyone knows that it can be tricky and difficult. This is particularly true for those who are applying for a mortgage for the first time, or for those who would like to apply for a mortgage with a poor credit rating.

Niche Advice is one organisation which knows all too well how challenging applying for a mortgage can be. That’s why it offers premium advice right on its own website for those who are seeking bad credit mortgages and other kinds of mortgages. Niche Advice prides itself in providing a personalised, fully independent service. As Niche Advice explains, “Niche Advice has been set up to target customers who want a personal service. There are no remote call centres or hard sells. As we are experts in all mortgage and protection areas we can take a collective overview of your individual needs and interlink the solution in a cost-effective way.”

Niche Advice is ready and willing to offer invaluable advice when it comes to bad credit mortgages, for example. As Niche Advice says, bad credit is defined under different categories and inclusions, such as clients who have late payments, clients who have exceeded their limits on overdrafts, clients who have county court judgments, and clients with rent or mortgage arrears.

For those who would like personal advice and suggestions for the best kind of mortgage for their needs, Niche Advice is an able partner. According to Payam Azadi, one of Niche Advice’s mortgage specialists, “At Niche Advice we specialise in helping clients with bad credit, working with many specialist lenders and (offering) bad credit mortgage solutions. Often the devil is in the details and understanding when certain historic credit issues are excluded by lenders from the overall picture and as such improving on (these) product terms (is a must). We do this day in and day out so why trawl through rafts of paper and make multiple calls when we have the facts to hand?”  

Niche Advice does not charge any upfront fees, and clients only settle their fees once a deal is completed.

About the company:

Niche Advice is comprised of a team of mortgage experts which prides itself in providing a personalised, independent service for those seeking all types of mortgages in the UK. for more information on bad credit mortgage, first-time mortgage, buy to let mortgage, and more, visit the website.   

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