The Best of Costa Rican Life in San Ramon, Costa Rica

October 17 14:29 2017

San Ramon, Costa Rica Costa Rica has become a top destination for expatriates and retirees alike due to the low cost of living and its environmentally friendly policy. While San José is the capital and largest city in the country, Why Not Costa Rica contends that the nearby city of San Ramon is an even better option because of its mild climate and more affordable property prices

“San Ramon is located on the Northern side of Costa Rica’s Central Valley, making it relatively close in proximity to other important cities like Alajuela and San Jose. Home to a diverse group of people, our city is composed of working professionals, entrepreneurs, farmers, students and retirees. San Ramon, lovingly known as Moncho by locals, is no longer a small town but an epicenter of ideas, culture and growing businesses. We help people adjust to a new, simpler life, and maintain the heritage of the city’s traditions and culture,” says Tyler Burke of Why Not Costa Rica. San Ramon is full of establishments suitable for tourists, expats, and retirees who want affordable living and retirement in Costa Rica.

Those interested in relocating to Costa Rica can purchase and legally own real estate in the city, surrounding countrysides, valleys and mountains, each with their own amazing view as San Ramon has a variety of residential lots, oceanview properties and custom built homes for sale. Why Not Costa Rica lists properties for sale on their website with informative descriptions that give you a great picture of the property. Many properties listed offer 5 year owner financing at 0% interest. Prices start as low as $ 45,000 for a parcel of land, and one can find a house starting as low as $ 87,000. The company has retirees and expats in San Ramon in mind upon advertising these properties.

San Ramon, Costa Rica is situated 3,468 feet above the ground and enjoys a milder climate as compared to the rest of the country. The city has hotels, restaurants, and other places for everyone to enjoy regardless of the length of their stay. From jazz quartets to art scene galleries, the place has a rich history of Costa Rican culture. San Ramon also hosts expat groups, events and English cinemas so expats will not feel out of place living there. English speaking doctors and private medical services are easily available and very affordable, with the neighboring city of San José offering the best hospitals in the country.

Interested expats and retirees can know more about San Ramon by visiting Their office is located at 1500 Metros De La Escuela La Constancia, El Empalme De Santiago, Alajuela, San Ramon, 20201, Costa Rica. They can be reached by telephone at +50686278237 or +15095701928, and via email at [email protected]

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