Truckcoin Announces Launch, Upcoming ICO More Than 90% Tickets Sold Out Within First Day Launch On Pre-ICO

October 25 14:31 2017

UK – Truckcoin is pleased to announce its eponymous cryptocurrency’s launch, as well as its immediate plans to host its ICO, amidst great cryptocurrency traders’ anticipation.

Truckcoin prides itself in taking the concept of digital currency to the next level, by building a flourishing user community, which will constitute the “backbone and commercial foundation for the internet.”

Prioritizing user privacy and safety, Truckcoin is cryptographically secured, with its coin wallet being impenetrable from any sort of potential hacker attacks, thus effectively securing users’ funds. What’s more, Truckcoin employs “ring signatures”, a technology which “shuffles users’ public keys”, and results in their payments being untraceable – however, the system retains a traceable transfer option, for those users that wish to choose to conduct their transactions in such manner.

With more unique features such as extreme privacy, which entails transaction anonymity, unlinkability, fast syncing, and analysis resistance, Truckcoin is built to be exceptionally mobile-friendly, too. Owing to its 1-2 MB scratchpad, Truckcoin runs smoothly on mobile devices, in addition to desktop and laptop computers. Adding to its impeccable privacy features, Truckcoin further allows for blockchain pruning, which reduces age-based attacks, and allows for it to outgrow devices with limited storage capabilities.

Speaking of Truckcoin’s unique features, the company’s media representative stated that “Truckcoin is about enabling an age where all people everywhere have the freedom to privately send and receive money, with whatever gadget they already own. Users themselves can control and be responsible for their own funds, as both their account and transactions are out of reach to any prying eyes.”

In addition to prioritizing its users’ privacy, and fostering a thriving trading platform, Truckcoin aims to contribute to the sustainability of the business activities it finances, aiming to mitigate the environmental and social risks associated with its financing decisions. Through working closely with its clients, Truckcoin intends to “create a competitive advantage for our clients, strengthen and develop long-term relationships, and contribute to sustainable economic growth in our communities.”

The company will share the exact date of its ICO commencement in future communications with the press.

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